After 20 years as a graphic designer Sofia Tufvasson took the step to start working with

clay which had been an inspiration for a long time in her previous work. It gave her endless possibilities and lots of new ideas to be able to create three-dimensional items and work with surfaces, structures and shadows.


In her studio in Stockholm Sofia creates her ceramics pieces with a focus on unique handmade sculptural and functional objects. Striving for the works to be able to stand alone and be beautiful by its self even when not used for its purpose. Like a vase without flowers transforms into a sculpture in its own right.


In her latest works she has been focusing on catching a movement. Working with the clay like it was another material. For example the Drape series where she strives to make it look like heavy draped fabric. This gives her the possibility to freeze a movement, capture beautiful shadow and at the same time create an exciting surface with an invitingly warm and alive feeling. 



Every item is unique and differs in color and shape from piece to piece


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